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"Hi Dennis. I'm Shari. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your story tonight. It was a lovely, funny, evocative weaving across the timeline of your life. You were open and honest and accessed a lot of deep emotion, and that was engaging to be drawn into. I had tears falling at the end. Hope Portland has treated you well. I'm glad I got to experience your story. Cheers."



Portland Story Theater

   "Stories told from a talented craftsman stand out.  This is especially true in the capable hands of writer and professional storyteller Denis Gessing.  His new work “Just Passing Through-how it all looked to a one day dreaming Boomerboy,” is a riveted chronicle of the era. Using the device of time travel to guide Gessing’s compelling narrative, we are transplanted to a time we remember or we wish to have been part of." 

   To see full review -http://www.kevincordi.com/single-post/2017/02/11/Storytelling-CD-Review-Just-Passing-Through-how-it-all-looked-to-a-one-day-dreaming-Boomerboy




"Thank you for the work you did on this project.  This added the finishing touch to the video that was needed and I appreciate your attention to detail in getting it right.  We look forward toworking with you more in the future."

"Cash McWhorter – Partner/Broker

Hortenstine Ranch Company

"Each word is a masterful brushstroke in this rich, expressive dialogue that engages all the senses. Whether you are a Baby Boomer or a 60’s generation wannabe, or purely a fan of the spoken word, I guarantee this humorous and sometimes melancholy journey back to the 60’s deserves a five-star rating. Each well-chosen word does its job to keep the momentum flowing. Denis has a rare talent for spinning a memorable yarn and leaving the audience clamoring for more."


Pam Alegretto:, -Pam Alegretto,  author , Bridges of Sighs and Dreams

"...A captivating story, one of those rare gems full of genuinely believable and interesting characters. The cleverly woven span of time draws the reader into every aspect of the charming tale."

-Angela Hooper, author of In Dark Minds

"I loved this book! The lyrical writing is a beautiful melody and the vivid imagery allowed me to "see" every line in the story. The beginning grabbed me immediately, and the saga flows through effortlessly to the end. BRAVO!

-Pam Alegretto,  author , Bridges of Sighs and Dreams

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