Author. ”Midnight and the Magical Prairie Schooner.”a young readers novel meant to empower young ladies both Deaf and hearing.


               "The Ol’ Storyteller"

                   Denis Gessing


I’ve been  telling  and recording personal stories, tales of the Old West and Ireland for over 20 years in my three distinct storytelling personas. I offer a variety of stories for all ages. My stories: the notable and notorious, the personal , the tall tale,  and folk tale, offer something most everyone can relate to.

Currently, I am available for living room concerts of original personal stories dedicated to  the Baby Boom generation entitled “Just Passing Through" from the two Cd  set.

I work closely with my clientele to provide a story telling experience that works best for their setting and needs.

I’ve  worked in such diverse settings as reunions, retirement parties, colleges,

 boardrooms, and classrooms;.

For more information and to book The Olstoryteller call;  303-550-7829.


Voice Actor. Book Naration.  Film. Commercial. Industrial... 


 I began doing voice over work in 1996 as an audio describer for the visual impaired. Mostly I described live theater at venues around the Denver area. Later I recorded my first cd "Folk Tales from Eire" and then my two cd set of original stories:  "Just Passing Through ." I have done voice overs for industrials and infomercials and and my own audio book;"Midnight and the "Magical Prairie Schooner." 

New Cd in Store now!

"Just Passing Through"

A collection of personal narratives depicting the life and times of my generation.  

"How it all appeared to one confused, day-dreaming boomer boy".

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